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Spreading the Bitchin’ Love with San Diego Outrigging Canoe Club!

Jul 1, 2022

When one of your most Bitchin’ teammates reveals a secret watersport passion, there’s only one…

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Dads, Grads, & Grillouts

Jun 10, 2022

Like a *responsibly firm* handshake between generations, one thing is sure to be this Summer’s unifier…

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Bitchin’ Cleanup At Lagoona Kahuna!

May 23, 2022

If it's Friday at Bitchin' HQ, it's V-T-O Time! Half of every Friday at Bitchin'…

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Mary’s Gone Crackers + Grillo’s Pickles + Bitchin’ Sauce Giveaway!

May 13, 2022

BITCHIN' PICKLE MANIA is sweeping the nation! Now you can satisfy your savory cravings with this Ultimate…

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Bitchin’ Easter Brunch!

May 2, 2022

You didn't think we'd miss the biggest brunch of the year did ya?  Decked out in our…

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Saucy Sprouts Pizza Party Giveaway!

Apr 25, 2022

We're throwing another 'za giveaway with our buds at Milton's Craft Bakers! One lucky winner is…

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Giving Back At Burgeon Brewery!

Mar 21, 2022

What's better than beer and giving back?  After a very Bitchin' day of working on the Sauce…

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Bitchin’ Valentine’s Trivia Night!

Feb 14, 2022

"All's fair in Love and War"  -Kate Hudson, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days   Saucy lovin'…

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Jan 21, 2022

We're serving up a giveaway with our brunch buds at Vital Farms! Gather round the breakfast…

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Bitchin’ Sauce & Tofurky Giveaway!

Nov 11, 2021

Gather round the table this holiday season and feast your eyes on a totally Bitchin' Tofurky roast! …

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