Bitchin' Sauce

Meet the Founders

Bitchin’ Sauce was founded by husband and wife duo Starr & L.A. Edwards. Joined by her husband, L.A., the two would go on to pioneer an entirely new category of nut-based dips. They started small, initially only selling their almond based dips in the farmers markets in and around San Diego.

Folks were going nuts for Bitchin’ Sauce! All the while, L.A. was mastering his own craft of songwriting, forming a band with his brothers and playing rock clubs and festivals across the U.S. Starr and L.A. began touring the nation with their growing family in tow, slingin’ sauce by day and rock ‘n rollin’ by night.

Ten years later, Starr, L.A., and their four children still lead a very nomadic life, bringing their sauce and music with them wherever they go. The Edwards continue to chase their Bitchin’ Vision into new frontiers (most recently with their record label Bitchin’ Music Group), but remain rooted in their mission to make the world a more Bitchin’ place, one tub at a time.

Employee of the Month!

Vienna Rousset

Teammates say: Vienna resembles the picture perfect Bitchin’ employee. She is always hungry for opportunity, detail oriented, can handle the weight, and has truly leveled up over this last year. She’s been Killin’ the game with her sales savvy!

Join the Bitchin’ Sauce Team


We’re a big, happy family at Bitchin’ HQ and we’re always looking for our newest family member. We’re a scrappy team of problem solvers and multitaskers, and more than that, we’re best Bitchin’ buds! We share a common vision of spreading a totally Bitchin’ lifestyle and we strive to exude that in all we do. Nothing makes us happier than helping each other discover our personal strengths and utilizing them within our company. Interested in joining the Bitchin’ family?

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