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Red, White, & Bitchin’: A look at our 4th of July Bitchin’ Bash!

Jul 3, 2023

The 4th of July comes at the perfect point- just as the temperature rises in the sunny San Diego climate, so does the tempo at Bitchin’ Sauce HQ. With everyone deep into their work crafting the most delicious dips in the world, it’d be easy to forget to take a Bitchin’ breath- but luckily, our Bitchin’ Events team had been planning for months in advance for exactly this moment. Bitchin’ Party Patrol to the rescue!

After an early punch-out and shutdown Friday evening, Bitchin’ employees moseyed on over to our picturesque lagoon-side Bitchin’ Beach Club property in Carlsbad.

Attendees were immediately welcomed with a waft of grillin’ burgers and dogs, courtesy of the patty-pros at Full Metal Burgers. Of course, drinks a-plenty were provided.

With so many Bitchin’ little-uns roaming around, we also wanted to make sure this 4th of July bash was a bonanza for all ages. Bounce house? Check. Face painting? Check. All-you-can-eat Handel's Ice Cream? Checkaroo.

As folks munched and sipped, they got acquainted with the main event of the night…


The Bitchin’ Olympics!

Ain’t no gold stars or prize tokens here- we came to play with real, bonafide cash on the line! With 5 events of varying complexity, there was a way for everyone to test their mettle. Those with a devotion for whipped cream competed in the “Find the bubble gum” competition. There is only one rule… you cannot use your hands! Andrea Vela took the gold leaving her husband Johnny to wash the whipped cream out of his beard in defeat.

But to win big, you had to prove your ‘Murican muscle in one of three longstanding USA love affairs: Hot Dogs, Freshly Baked Pies, and good old fashioned toe-steppin!

With the guidance of a most-helpful experienced instructor, feet flocked to the dance floor for a Texas 2-Step stepathon. This was a test of mental grit and physical fortitude, but one saucy duo made it farther than the rest- Darla Misiuk and Alexa Bloedorn simply could not be stopped! Legend has it they’re still dancing to this day. 

Meanwhile, Ray Hart once again proved he had the guts of glory with a powerhouse performance at the Hot Dog Scarfin’ Showdown–  for the second year in a row! 7 weenies later, he walked away with $250 and held down his title of Reigning Hot Dog Eating Champ!! 

Lastly, for the biggest competition of them all, culinary craftsmen from all over the company were tasked to bring forth their most primetime pie recipe for a Totally Bitchin’ Bake Off. Judges blind-tasted an array of artfully prepared pie entries, but in the end, three winners stood above the rest: 

In third place, with a scrumptious Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie, Chelsea Buonaguidi took home Bronze with a cool $100 award!

In second place, with an addictive Key Lime Pie, Judy Valdovinos with a $200 Silver award. Yeehaw!

Finally, the judges were blown away by our first-place winner, Ani Decroce, with their utterly unforgettable Peach pie. For their dedication to dessert-discipline, Ani took home a Bitchin’ Grand Prize of $500! Congrats and well done!

There was one last pastry-related surprise awaiting Bitchin’ partygoers. Bitchin’ Bosses from each company department were called forth. It was time to get pied! Bitchin’ team members got a chance to let out their true feelings- via mass quantities of whipped dairy. Not to name names, but we heard Jenn Sanders was still pickin’ the last bits of pie out of their ears on Sunday…

It was a chock-full night spent together with some of the most bodaciously Bitchin’ crews ever assembled- the folks that make Bitchin’ Sauce so special and so doggone delightful. We’re so grateful to our Bitchin’ Events staff who organize increasingly awesome and ambitious celebrations every year for us to enjoy.

To all our Bitchin’ Compatriots, we hope you had a jubilant July weekend with friends and family!

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