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Dec 31, 2021

Our merry band of Bitchin' "elves" got to work this season with a month-long givin' initiative! For six weeks, Bitchin' HQ was abuzz with charitable Christmas shopping, intense present wrapping, and a Christmas tree farm located in our very own Bitchin' Beach Club! Take a closer look at the very merry activities that went down this saucy season!


The team provided and wrapped 139 gifts for Olive Crest foster kiddos and transitional-aged youth.


Olive Crest transforms the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family


The Bitchin' Beach Club transformed into a Christmas Tree farm for their families and staff!


120 Douglas Firs! (palm trees not included)


The time and generosity of our Bitchin' elveployees impacted more than 300 Olive Crest families and staff! Warmest Bitchin' thanks to Olive Crest for giving us the opportunity to volunteer for the second year in a row. Wishing y'all and your fams the most Bitchin' holidays and New Year! Get Sauced!

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