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Mary’s Gone Crackers + Grillo’s Pickles + Bitchin’ Sauce Giveaway!

May 13, 2022

BITCHIN' PICKLE MANIA is sweeping the nation! Now you can satisfy your savory cravings with this Ultimate Snack Pack!  One very Bitchin' winner will receive a $100 Instacart gift card, a Mary’s Gone Crackers Variety Bundle, 16 tubs of Bitchin’ Sauce, and 4 Free Jar coupons for Grillo’s Pickles, plus a t-shirt, koozie and stickers. 

Have YOU tried the PCS (Pickle-Cracker-Sauce) combo? It's blowin' our dang minds! Sensational, saucy, and dare we say Bitchin'!

Mary's Gone Crackers + Grillo's Pickles + Bitchin' Sauce Giveaway!

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