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Bitchin’ Halloween!

Oct 31, 2021

In October 2019, Bitchin' Founder Starr Edwards'- inspired by a personal desire to be uncompromisingly Bitchin' in both family & professional life- hired a dedicated team of childcare champions to care for our littles. For two tremendous years, we've provided free on-site daycare to all employees. Bitchin' Kids has brought a delightful new dimension to our office- we like to think the constant presence of kiddos helps us retain our Bitchin' Youth. 

To celebrate Bitchin' Kids' two-year anniversary, the Kids team wanted to go big. The plan? Bring the entire company together for a Bitchin' Halloween Carnival!

Bitchin' Employees came out in droves- from Accounting to Saucy Chefs, Marketing to Operations, using their creativity (and some classic Bitchin' elbow-grease) to help create a Halloween Carnival from scratch. Our fall festivus had all the essentials; game booths like balloon darts & archery, tattoos, and photo booths, that deceptively tricky rubber duck pond game - with each station named after one of our Bitchin' Kids. Not to mention the live DJ, food trucks, ice cream, and a jack-o-lantern bounce house- we went all-out. 

At the evening's end, a Bitchin' lane of vehicles waited, fully decorated for trunk-or-treating! The Bitchin' crew was delighted to make the night special for our kiddos.

Congrats to the Kids team on two totally Bitchin' years!

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